For the following reasons:

– It’s -24C with a windchill of -44C
– A husband who makes me laugh until my stomach aches
– A family I feel so blessed to have
– Friends I am so grateful for
– A job that I enjoy to go to every day
– A blog that people read
– A car that starts
– A warm place to live
– For Kleenex, Advil, anesthetic, iPhones and Zip Lock bags….

… I opened a bottle of bubbly this evening, just to celebrate.

Cheers everyone! *clink*

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  1. Bonnie says:

    Clink as well! So fellow blogger and facebook friend what can I do with de-carbonated frozen beer?

  2. Do whatever you need to do to keep warm!

  3. Dr. CaSo says:

    Cheers 🙂 To all this (and I shall replace “my husband” by “my cats,” in my case, they also make me laugh ;)) and more!!!

  4. Michelle says:

    Sitting in front of a wood fire in the basement. Pure happiness 🙂

  5. Walsh Cooks says:

    Oh my. The first thing that comes to mind is add some to a stew. We add Marmite to our stews and it adds a delicious depth of flavour. The birth of Marmite started with the sludge they found at the bottom of barrels when brewing beer, so it can’t be much different than that! 🙂

  6. Walsh Cooks says:

    No problem there. Our apartment and my office are both Nevada desert, in the middle of summer, hot hot hot. I’m quite happy to get outside just to cool off a bit.

  7. Walsh Cooks says:

    Ha! A challenge. Next post I mention “my husband” I’ll make sure that that can easily be transferred to “my cats”. Might be difficult if I explain how I “sent Michael to get groceries”, or “Michael set the table”. Then again, I don’t know your cats, and they might be quite talented!

  8. Walsh Cooks says:

    Oh I love a real wood fire, listening the sizzle pop and crackle, smelling a bit of smoke, getting incredibly hot and sweaty and flap my sweater and tug at the neck to generate a breeze to cool off. I often wonder how people in old ski films look so sophisticated, and don’t break a sweat, or fan themselves with London Drug flyers as they wear their big wooly sweaters as they gather ’round the sunken fireplace at the chalet, whilst drinking their hot toddies, gaily laughing and smoking their cigarettes….

  9. Michelle says:

    Perhaps a visit to mine is in order? I can provide the fire (and the man+ual labour to keep it going) You bring the hot toddies. No cigarettes though, we have a child who ocasionally hangs around as well 🙂

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