Tienda Latina – 2nd Year Anniversary!

Tienda Latina (Argyll Foods)
9844 – 63 Ave
Edmonton AB
(780) 438-3684

Our friends Bernardo and Carlos are celebrating the 2nd year Anniversary of Tienda Latina. Haven’t been yet? Go.

Located still at the corner of Argyll and 99th Street, the shop has morphed into a Latina specialty store, and the “corner shop” items like potato chips and milk have taken a step out of the limelight, however lottery ticket sales are still available.

The shelves remain impeccably stacked, the food items become more interesting with every visit, and they have a little corner dedicated to serving hot food items for your lunch.

One lone table, but always occupied. Hot food is available for lunch!


Impeccably stacked shelves. Love the colours.

We arrived for a brief visit to say hello and congratulations. The shop was packed with customers, and Michael told me the shop is always like this. A busy shop means high turn over, so you can be guaranteed the food items you purchase are fresh.

Here are some pictures I took from our latest visit. But please, if you love Mexican food, please stop by. You won’t be disappointed.

Tortillas! Everywhere! Tortillas!
Mmmmm. Garlic. No vampires here.
Love the hand printed signs.
Michael disappointed they didn't have his size.

Congratulations again Bernardo and Carlos! Wishing you even more success as your little shop continues to grow.

Here’s links to my previous two posts about Tienda Latina:

1st Anniversary from December 2010.

Mexico on Argyll from January 2010.

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