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We live in a little two-bedroom apartment with a storage cupboard. The storage cupboard is chock full of 6-bottle cases of wine from the Opimiam Wine Club. Michael, meanwhile, has boxes from our move last spring with no where to put them on account of my wine collecting.

Michael shakes his head every time we get a Pick Up Notice telling us that a new case of the Opimian Select has arrived. It’s like Christmas. But every month! The Opimian Select is where you leave the wine selection to the pros. They choose, pack, and send. I have boxes I haven’t even opened yet. They come every month. The cost? $85.00 a case. Works out to $14.17 for a GREAT bottle of wine. I have not been disappointed yet. (Prices are in Alberta in case you are reading this in some other province, territory, country).

We have a bit of a back-log of wine to get through. Yes, we like our wine, but we’re not BIG wine drinkers. We open a bottle most likely on a Friday. Definitely on Saturday, especially when I put on my imaginary apron and cook up something that requires effort – meaning more than opening a can or lifting the plastic lid off a Safeway roasted chicken and peeling a few potatoes. Of course, there are mid-week emergencies, when things go sideways with work or friends or family – all these require the nerve soothing magic of a glass of wine.

I was not born with a natural tendency for relaxation like my new friend Shamus. I need a little boost to get me to a relaxed state. Sometimes it’s wine. Sometimes a soak in a tub. A massage. Relaxing music (NOT that crap with tweeting birds). I love the sound of tweeting birds, but in real life. Not out of the Bose.

Anyway, the reason for this post, is to confess to my husband that I have, contrary to what I promised earlier, have renewed my Opimian membership for another year. *grits teeth in anticipation of a loud exclamation from The Man Den*

Here’s the thing though. Canadian liquor boards and consumers have used Opimian as a de facto test market for new brands. Spain’s Freixenet, Australia’s Rosemount Estate and Scotland’s The Macallan all started out as Opimian selections before becoming mainstays in the Canadian market. Opimian is a quietly influential national wine-buying club that has aided in sophisticating the adult-drink trade in Canada. (Taken from Wikipedia).

I also found out Doug from The Bothy has been an Opimian member for 29 years! 29 years! He’s Big Into Wine. I respect his wine knowledge and his cellar is impressive. If you haven’t been to The Bothy yet, I suggest you go. It is an experience.

I can only dream of having that level of experience, but I will, with each bottle I open, learn something more about my favourite beverage. Okay, yes, gin is also a favourite, but so is a Coke Slurpee and tea, of course.

But wine is a hobby. I spoke of it before, and I say again, if you are like me, the sort of person who likes to write, jot notes, scribble, play with stickers and click pens for fun, the Moleskine Wine Journal is a great way to document what wine’s you’ve tried. I started doodling in there, not taking it too seriously, but as my documentation of the wines we’ve tried grows, the more I learn. It’s been particularly helpful to keep track of the various offerings I’ve received from Opimian.

Thanks for listening. I had to document my reasons for being a member to help support a discussion that I think will be held over supper tonight. Wish me luck! *squeeeeee*

One more thing before I sign off: A shout out of CHEERS across the country to a dear friend in Halifax who has been an immeasurable support to me. She’s almost as therapeutic as a glass of wine. Almost. We can’t let this get to her head. 😉

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  1. Crimson Rambler says:

    that Rosemount Estate stuff is NICE esp. their Grenache Shiraz (or is it the other way around?) — two thumbs up.

  2. Peter says:

    Oh Cathy, how I love to read your witty, enjoyable blog. I’m sorry I roped you into Opimian (oh yes, I REALLY had to twist your ARM…I think I had you at wine club). So glad to hear you enjoy the same bounty of pleasure I do when I fill my ‘fishbowl with a stem’ as my daughter calls it, with my choice of the day. Yes, it does seem that wine fills many a void! Tell hubby that he gets to savour the delights of your new found hobby as well. Has he matched a red up yet with Marmite? Many happy nights are in your future! Mmmmm wine….

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