Game of Thrones

Tonight is the eve of a Game of Thrones marathon at a friend’s house. And because this friend of mine has a terrific, if not envious imagination, we are making it a “theme” day.

She is serving food items like sweet baby gherkins (“Tyrion’s Little Pickle”), cheese slices (“Joeffrey’s a Muenster” cheese), crackers (“King Aerys II’s Crackers”) and mead (“Sansa’s Whine”). I was asked if I would mind bringing meat-on-a-stick to keep with the theme, and after tonight’s test-run can say with conviction, yes, yes indeed I will.

Many moons ago I wrote Pork Day and gave you all a sneak peek into this dish. I have no name for it. I was introduced when I was a teenager and it was made by my friend’s step-dad when we were spending the summer at their cabin at Shushwap Lake. It’s pork marinated in Ketjap Manis, a bit of oil, lemon, garlic and ginger. It is cooked under the broiler, and served with rice pilaf. It has a Dutch background, if for any reason, just the Ketjap Manis. Ketjap Manis is a sweet, not-so-salty, soy sauce. It is yummy. Ja ja.

So tomorrow. Game of Thrones. Four hours of watching my secret boyfriend, Sean Bean. Allow me a moment to have a think about him. Mmmmm. It’s okay everyone, Michael knows I’m in love with Sean Bean. He’s in love with Shirley Jones (in her hey day he adds).  I just asked Michael, “Who are you in love with right now”, and I’ve been given a list. He shouts from the kitchen as he does the dishes, “There’s whatshername, Sophia Loren, and Isabella Rossalini….who else is there?” There’s no one in current culture he’s in love with, he says. But I noticed the Victoria’s Secret catalogue that we received in error hasn’t left the Man Den yet. Ha!

Anyway, back to food. This is a food blog afterall.

The pork. Marinate cubed pieces of pork tenderloin in a mixture of mostly Ketjap Manis, a bit of oil, garlic, ginger, pepper, lemon zest and lemon juice. When sufficiently marinated (a few hours or a day), skewer on wooden sticks with pieces of lemon. Broil until done.

The rice pilaf – cook a pot full of long grain rice in chicken or veggie broth.  Meanwhile, chop an onion, a few carrots, a bit of celery, a red pepper, garlic. Cook up in a little bit of oil until soft and golden (my friends tomorrow will see some bits that are black, and that’s the result of spending too much time on the computer and not in the kitchen). Perfection is for fools anyway.  Add a bit of thinly slice green onion and frozen corn. Cook until the corn isn’t frozen anymore. Mix the rice and veggie mixture together.

There you have it. A transportable contribution for a day of Game of Thrones.

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  1. Walsh Cooks says:

    Michael claims to have looked through the catalogue only once, and has now tossed it in the recycle bin. He declares, “none of them are any good like Shirley Jones”.

  2. Pragati says:

    As long as it’s cooked with love, I agree!! Perfection is for fools anyway!!

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