Day 2 began with me finding a place to return a book I “borrowed” from the Morris House Hotel one year ago. Last year Michael and I had a historical room with ancient books lining the walls. I pulled Irvine Stones “the Immortal Wife” thinking the title was “Immoral Wife” and it took me 3/4 of the way through the book (as well as taking it across the continent) and learning about Jesse Fremont that I realized my hope of learning about naughtiness in the quest and development of the American frontier would not happen. Jesse Fremont seemed rather pure and noble in her pursuits. My room this time around was void of books, so I neatly placed it on the coffee table next to the Where Magazine hoping it looked like it belonged.

Today was also hotel switcheroo day and now I’m at the Omni Suites. On my walk here I was struck at the impressive American flags at half mast and the preparations for 9-11 memorials.

And in the food world nothing can be better than what is created by an Iron Chef, at least that’s what Chairman Kaga claims. I happened to trip on Morimoto’s today and have added it to my list of food places to hit before I head back home. At this rate I will need a first class seat on the plane in order to fit in my seat on my return journey.


And finally, I tried a Philly Cheese Steak. Short description: think beef dip without the dip. Add cheese and grilled onions. Super messy to eat. It’s the grease. Wikipedia offers a great run down and history of the Philly Cheese Steak.  What’s important to know is this:  It was created in Philadelphia. Like everything, there is an argument about the “best” way to eat it. On one side of the street, you eat it with provolone cheese. On other, American cheese, or, I was horrified to read, Cheez-Whiz. As popularity of the cheese steak grew, people started fancying it up with things like grilled green peppers, and mushrooms. I kept my sample basic and original. I liked it so much, I had it twice while in Philly. My photo does NOT give the sandwich justice at all. But trust me, you are looking at a plate of pure deliciousness there. *smack smack*



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  1. congrats on blogging from a phone she says as she attempts to comment from one

  2. You immortal thief!

    Ha ha, kudos to you for returning the book to its rightful owner.

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