Talulah’s Garden

I’m in Philadelphia and although only my second visit it is feeling homey and familiar. Had to give the cab driver directions to my hotel.

Arrived at suppertime and thought I’d eat at M’s which is adjacent to and owned by my hotel, The Morris House Hotel. But they were full. Much like a post snowy Edmonton winter folks here flocked out to the patios post hurricane Irene. Afterall, they have only until November then they have to bring out the patio heaters. (Pause). Yes, I blinked a few times too. So M’s was caught off guard and they were worried if they could feed the folks with reservations.

M’s sent me to Talulah’s Garden a few steps away. This place was ranked in the top 10 new restaurants in all of the USA. You can read more, see more about this cool place at these sites:  Wishunu as well as at Bon Appetit.

Talulah’s was busy and I count myself lucky to get a seat at one of their two bars. I wedged in between two separate couples, both celebrating wedding anniversaries. Of course they didn’t know this until I arrived. I arrived like hurricane Cathy. That happens when I’m on my own. And it was easy to be social as everyone was local. The bartender observed my map and Philly guidebook and asked where I was from. When I said Edmonton I became a celebrity!! We talked winter and hockey, the economy, mortgages and 9-11.

Everyone was dressed up fancy so I asked what we were celebrating. Tonight we had two wedding anniversaries. On my right, 12 years, and on my left, Ida and Frank at 18 years.

Oops there goes the train to New Jersey. It runs right under my room. It’s a nice soothing rumble.

For supper I chose gin and tonic as well as a fresh garden salad with an almond milk dressing served with 3 golf ball sized brioche. It was delicious. I promised I would return for a proper meal before I leave (post script, I did not return as I hoped – next time!).

Philly is truly the city of brotherly love. I have felt welcomed and go to bed now with the warm fuzzies.

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