Nothing says summer more than peaches and cream corn and a good summer thunder shower.

This corn, shown here at the left, was bought at Safeway. I believe it’s a knock-off of Taber Corn. I think the sign read Taybor Korn.

Regardless, it’s on special today, 10 ears for $4.00…. and it is DELICIOUS.  It’s debatable whether its the corn that is so delicious, or the fact it is a vessel to eat butter and salt. All three combined is sublime and is a true sign of summer.

I realize there are other way to cook corn on the cob, but I grew up with:

– Boil a big pot of water.
– DO NOT ADD SALT to the boiling water. Mom says so. Don’t ask why.
– Husk the corn.
– Swear at the silks that get EVERWHERE.
– Plop ears of husked corn in pot of boiling water.
– I boil it for about 2 minutes, then I turn the pot off and eat it when I’m good and ready. I realize this step is highly debatable. But this is what I do.
– Take corn out of pot, place on plate.
– Add as much butter and salt your heart can handle.
– If you are proper and Englishy like my husband, insert two forks on either end of the ear and eat it by taking a bite, rotate, take a bite, rotate, until you have completed a ring. Adjust the corn slightly to the left or right, so that you have fresh corn in front of your face, and repeat.
– If you are a back water hillbilly like me, pick up the corn with your hands, and eat it, left to right or right to left. I call this the Typewriter Method (TM). It’s best when the butter drips down your arms, while your husband is watching. It’s even better when you get bits of corn stuck in your teeth and you pretend you don’t know.

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  1. Crimson Rambler says:

    AHA I am delighted to see you belong to the “rower” school of corn eaters as opposed to the “rounder” faction — degenerates, all.
    At one of the local theological colleges, there USED to be a big Alumni corn-feed every September…corn, salt, butter. That was the menu. Pop and beer, for which one bought tickets. And they set pounds of butter on plates down the centre of the table — you grabbed the cob, laid it on the butter, rotated it whirl whirl whirl, and went at it. “Wonderful Greasy” but oh so good.

  2. I was raised on the Typewriter Method myself. We’s probly kissin’ cousins, yup.

  3. Walsh Cooks says:

    I’m so excited by this, I have pulled out my banjo!

  4. Walsh Cooks says:

    All that butter, and young malleable minds.

  5. Pragati says:

    I am raised in India and we roast our corn on charcoal. Check it out

  6. Lael says:

    Another TMer here! I especially like it when you get corn up your nose and accidently inhale.
    The last time I made corn I roasted it in the oven. I liked the cripsy bits so now that we have
    a bbq, I think I’ll pick up some of your corn there, and try it that way. I just splashed a very
    tender body part with boiling water and am feeling a little leary about boiling anything,ugh

  7. Walsh Cooks says:

    Oh my goodness… it’s seriously ON the charcoal! I bet that its delicious. But where’s the butter? 😉

  8. Walsh Cooks says:

    Oh dear. I thought people stopped pouring boiling water over themselves in the middle ages! If I get myself another round of corn, I will try roasting it in the oven. Any tips? Important tips? Like how hot an oven and for how long and what do I do with corn? In the husk? Dehusked?

  9. Pragati says:

    No butter!! Just charcoal, salt and red chillie powder.

  10. Dr. CaSo says:

    I saw someone roast corn on the BBQ after she had soaked the whole thing (husk, silks, etc.) in water for 1 hour (so that it wouldn’t burn on the BBQ. After the husks are blackened, you remove the stuff and eat your roasted corn 🙂

  11. Walsh Cooks says:

    That would be perfect for a big old summer BBQ with lots of family!

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