Kitchen with a View

I have not had a move yet where I’ve felt serene, and in complete control. This move is no different, except I am self-medicating with G & Ts. Although it doesn’t make it any better, it makes me stop worrying for a few minutes.

For those brief moments of refreshing, bubbly, lime infused lusciousness, I stop the mental noise about how to best pack my collection of Pyrex and Corningware, and instead concentrate on the glorious juniper berry and wonder who on earth decided to eat one in the first place, let alone stick it in a bottle with distilled spirits. May god bless this person.

We are moving up the road to a place with a better view and hopelessly small galley kitchen. Habanero gal said in a tweet to me, if can do it in an itty-bitty kitchen in New York, I can do it in Edmonton.

Be prepared readers. I will create! I will be inspired! But not until:

a) we unpack boxes
b) wonder what happened to the box with kitchen utensils
c) find the box of kitchen utensils in the river valley
d) my new landlord replaces abused stove and fridge, and
e) I am satisfied that the new apartment has been sufficiently Walshed and all traces of previous tenant has been stricken.

Of course, there’s no better way exorcise the demons of the previous tenant than by throwing an apartment warming. The place needs a blob of spinach dip in the carpet, and a red wine ring on the table before it can be really called “home”.

Stay tuned for future posts. Adjusting to a galley kitchen might be an interesting challenge. I might see if I can pick up an Easy Bake Oven to save space.

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  1. I had a galley kitchen once. Here’s my best tip — put nothing, NOTHING, on your counter tops. You’ll need to every last square inch available when you’re cooking, believe me.

  2. Walsh Cooks says:

    I stood in my tiny kitchen after work today, thinking about your comment, and I thought, “Yes, this can work. I can keep the counters clear. I just can’t buy food”. Then I wanted to cry. 😉 Kidding aside, you have great advice. Thankfully we have a huge storage room…and once we settle, I’ll have a place to store little used appliances….

  3. I bought a special large cupboard/wardrobe kind of thing from IKEA to keep my food in. It had to sit in my dining area, but oh well.

  4. habanerogal says:

    Hey lovely lady thanks for the shout out ! You can do it and when you need some real estate so you can make something epic give me a call ! I has BBQ and smoker !

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