Pizza – Part 2

Pam, my Facebook friend, Scrabble buddy, and old high school chum commented on my last pizza post, “Why no picture of the baked pizza?”. Truth is, it was eaten before I thought about taking a picture of it.

But pizza is on the menu nearly weekly, so here’s tonight’s version. It has grape tomatoes tossed with fennel, sea salt and pepper, along with roasted garlic, mushrooms, mozza, cheddar, feta, and fresh basil.

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  1. YUMMMMM. You can’t beat homemade pizza – and it is so nutritious! Was there any wine with that?

  2. Walsh Cooks says:

    Alas, other than an emergency bottle of Prosecco in the fridge, we have no red wines ready to drink!!! But …. we do have gin! And tonic! And lemons! And ice!

  3. Walsh Cooks says:

    Write it in your calendar…. but no wine with pizza that night! πŸ™‚

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