Chef Boyardee

Yes, sometimes a girl’s got to do, what a girl’s got to do, and my lunch of tuna, celery and carrot sticks, didn’t cut it. So I opened my Emergency Can of Chef Boyardee that I keep stashed in my desk.

I was ridiculed and scorned by a co-worker who found me out as I was heating it up in our staff lunchroom, but to him, I say “pshaw”. Chef Boyardee’s Beef Ravioli has been a comfort food since the dawn of time for me. It’s a quick, easy, satisfying lunch, and quite frankly, is only, erm…. okay, nevermind the Weight Watchers points or the calories, carbs and fat for an half a can, but it does have a nice 8 grams of protein AND, get this, 20% of your daily recommended amount of selenium! Mmmm! Selenium!

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  1. Oh, Cathy!!! Selenium! I can’t quite put my finger on it… what does it taste like?
    Isn’t it so funny that our childhood treats have become office jokes?

  2. Isn’t selenium radioactive?

  3. Walsh Cooks says:

    Okay okay okay, I did a quickie Wikipedia scan, and here’s what I learned: Selenium is toxic in high doses (boo!), yet can prevent certain cancers (yay!). Polo ponies died for being injected with too much Selenium (boo! boo!). However, along with some other nutrients, Selenium can prevent recurrence of tuberculosis (yay! but sorry you had it the first time – boo!).

    I fully expect Selenium to taste like dirty gray rock you pick up off the road!


  4. Helen says:

    Chef Boyardee ravioli is also a childhood comfort food of mine!

    I probably eat about 1 or two cans a year, but it always makes me feel better! Must be the selenium 🙂

    Great blog, it’s interesting to read about everyone’s food experiences.

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