A Dragon Roll, Some Banjo, and a Photogenic Cheese Biscuit

I’ve figured out that God sits up there in heaven in his fluffy, freshly laundered robe and chortles to himself as he watches people like me spend days constructing a resolution list, and then, within 24 hours, breaking more than half of them. For instance:

Resolution 1: Eat healthy. How can one eat healthy when there is a left over bag of potato chips? When there’s an open box of Terry’s Chocolate Orange? A box of Turkish Delight? Crispy, salty English nibbly things? Yes, I realize I can just ignore it all, but there are starving children in Africa! Michael somehow manages to have one little segment of Terry’s Chocolate Orange, and wrap the rest up and not touch it for a few days. Me? I have to eat the whole damn thing. Why? After years of self-analysis, I think it has EVERYTHING to do with my experience on Popcorn Playhouse as a child, and that I didn’t finish my piece of birthday cake during the commercial break, and it was ripped out of my hands… 😉

Resolution 24: Don’t get in another car accident. Michael got rear ended today on the way home – no worries though – no damage, not even a scratch, and more importantly, no injury, it was a light love tap on the bumper, not worth mentioning really, but still…..

Resolution 36: Not listening to my iPod at eardrum splitting volume levels. But I’m sure some of you understand some pieces of music have to be heard at Level 11 for the best affect. Two pieces to prove my point, both of which I was recently introduced to by my friend Chris’s website. The website is secret I believe. It’s mostly for Gamers. Otherwise I’d share it. (Language warning, the comments under the first video, at the You Tube site, are accurate, but are explained in a way that would not be approved by my mother).

This second piece is completely different, yet equally blowing apart my eardrums and has a language warning for the lyrics. Mind you, they could be discussing breeding dogs, but I think that is a bit off the mark.

Both are great pieces of music, and I’ve been dancing around the house, lip syncing, and when I don’t think Michael is looking, playing an air banjo.

Don’t worry, I’m not taking my list of resolutions too seriously. Besides, I have Resolution 236: Don’t give up. So, there is hope for my eardrums, weight, car, etc. etc.

In the meantime, today I managed to get out the pajamas, into the shower, and take a lovely walk through the snow to meet a friend for coffee and lunch. Transcend on 109th St was our coffee destination. My coffee was excellent. Just coffee, nothing fancy, but it is fun to watch it being made in the Clover. We then meandered over to Tokyo Noodle Shop and Sushi Bar, located at 10736 82 Ave. I had the miso soup (excellent, not one single leaf of seaweed thank you very much) and tuna sashimi (which was good, not the best ever, but was good) and two little bottles of sake (breaking Resolution 47: Try having one drink with a meal – which makes me double over with laughter – what the hell was I thinking?). My friend had a bowl of fried rice and a dragon roll, a concoction of eel, avocado, cucumber, rice and other things … but disappointingly, no actual bits of dragon).

After all this, I got home, and decided spontaneously that our apartment needed fresh baked cheese biscuits. And so, I made fresh baked cheese biscuits.

The biscuit shown above was particularly eager to have his picture taken. You can see his friends in the rear have flattened themselves in fear of the camera. They all turned out quite delicious. The recipe is from the old red and white Better Homes and Gardens Cook Book.

Off I go into the night with my iPod, air banjo, and pajamas, hoping to distract my husband away from the cricket match on TV.

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  1. Air banjo! You are too cool!

  2. Jenny says:


  3. habanerogal says:

    That’s a pretty biscuit !

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