Sugar Bowl

While out for a beer last night, my friend and I went through our usual discourse of solving the world’s problems, and understanding ourselves.  I also found Jesus. Seriously. He works at the Sugar Bowl. And here’s his picture:

I also promise you I only had Blanche de Chambly. Never mind how many.

The Sugar Bowl Jesus has the most amazing blue eyes, and was very astute and keeping the room tidy.

Go to the Sugar Bowl. Find Jesus!

5 thoughts on “Sugar Bowl

  1. he's always been WAY above average in the presence of food and drink, hey!Catherine, the baking supplies i.e. raisisns etc. place in Vancouver is GALLOWAY'S — no longer on Robsonstrasse but apparently with a new location in Richmond (meh).

  2. Debra: The menu! Ha ha! Must be the wine list!!!! Crims: Thank you for the lead. Next time I (or a willing participant) pass through Richmond, I'll take/send along a grocery list.Anyone: Taking a trip to/through Richmond BC? Let me know.

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