Lord knows I try to be humble, but I tell you this: I make awesome pizza dough. It doesn’t look pretty in that picture above, but believe me when I tell you, it is perfection. Michael has been singing Rise Up by Parachute Club to my ball of dough while we wait for the yeast to work its magic.

Come on people, sing along: Rise Up – Parachute Club and let’s all celebrate the joy of blending yeast, water, flour, salt, sugar and olive oil.

On a completely different topic, would like to thank old high school friend and Fan of the Blog, Peter, for suggesting taking espresso with a bit of cream. It was divine. So perfect, I had two.

After reading fellow blogger Chris’ take on Transcend at Eating is the Hard Part and having a similar opinion as me, decided to check out Da Capo today. Da Capo is quieter, more comfortable, and their espresso and cappuccino rival’s Transcend’s. Da Capo doesn’t have fancy-schmancy chairs designed by La De Da architects. But they are comfortable, and available. And before fans of Transcend descend on me with boos and hisses, Transcend is cool and their product is fab. I will just like it more when I don’t have to wait for a table and have to shout at my companion to be heard.

Would like to end with a wish to fellow food blogger, Chris, to get well soon.

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  1. Pizza party at your place! PIZZA! PIZZA!

  2. habanerogal says:

    So tell us what type of pizza did you make with this gorgeous dough??

  3. C Walsh says:

    Good lord. As we ate through the ENTIRE THING last night, we kept saying "We should take a picture, we should take a picture". Of course, we didn't. The pizza was a very homemade looking magherita – a bit of pizza sauce (canned), a bunch of sliced and de-jellied/seeded fresh tomatoes that I "marinated" in a bunch of garlic powder, oregano, basil, fennel, salt and pepper, along with a bit of mozzarella cheese.On a side note, the dough in the picture had already doubled. By the time we got around to sculpting it to a pizza pie shape, it had quadrupled. You can't imagine the joy it brought us. Such a simple thing, but so amazing to watch and eat!!!

  4. Chris says:

    Gotta love pizza Cathy!Thanks for the shout out. I find that when I say anything unfavourable about Transcend it opens up a can of worms. I've been called out by certain readers who felt I was being mean/unjust too many times now that I just let it slide off. Like you, I think Transcend makes a good product, but that doesn't mean you can't find quality products else where. And Da Capo just happens to be the place Sarah and I visit throughout the week.

  5. Peter says:

    Awe Cath…I'm so impressed that you tried the espresso! If I learned anything living in Europe for 20 years, it was to enjoy drinking coffee. A GREAT macchiato is always better than a grande with room Americano. Any day, any time. If you can find a joint that makes you a nice macchiato….keep them in your heart. You will enjoy it everytime.Remember: cream not milk: dats the way to do it.

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