Sushi v Carmina Burana

Okay, so I left Carmina Burana half way through. Thing is, I was watching my childhood ballerina from my jewelery box writhe around on the floor in a very unlady like manner. I’m scarred.  Also, the dancers were doing the latest Wal-Mart ad where they roll-back the prices. Seriously.

The show was amazing. The skill, the music, the sound, was great. There are two things I left with:
1.  I want to play the kettle drums, and
2.  I want to learn Latin.

I left at intermission.  So what? I found my need for tuna sashimi won the battle against ballet. I managed to find a spot at the sushi bar at Japanese Village. Sammy was serving. “That guy” showed up who is always there when Michael and I are there. There was a lady from Ireland with her friends. There was the adorable couple who used to own a Ferrari, who now own a sustainable farm in Duncan. We all drank too much. We were basically living Carmina Burana. We drankus too muchus sakius. We becameus too friendlyus. But we had a good time, the bunch of us, and that is all that matters. Love life. Enjoy life. We were able to do it, unlike the dancers, without cramps, or worry about arthritic knees.

Apology for lack of photos. This trip to YYJ was supposed to be a break from blogging, so didn’t bother with a camera.

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  1. "Living Carmina Burana" — love it! Hope the hangover's not too bad!

  2. C Walsh says:

    I had enough sake last night that it generated a groan and a vow of sobriety this morning.Future blogs are going to be about living a simple, sincere, and serene life. So pull out those lace doilies, switch on the kettle, put some Rich Tea biscuits on a plate and let's gather around the kitchen table for a good old fashioned chin-wag.

  3. habanerogal says:

    Live and have fun the hangover will pass will have to get out that way one of these springs sounds like a great way to kickstart the season

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