Battenburg Cake

This is a picture of a Battenburg Cake. I feel I must explain what it is, as in my last blog post comment, I mention this cake.  What you are looking at is a nice spongy cake in white and pink. The cake is surrounded, not by regular icing, but a delicious and wonderful marzipan. According to Wikipedia, the cake was made to celebrate the marriage between of Queen Victoria’s grandaughter to Prince Louis of Battenburg. 
Now I am a person who has struggled with my weight for a decade, and in that decade, I have come up with a myriad of excuses to eat things that are obviously unhealthy choices. But trust the royals to make something fattening and yummy and make it seem okay because it celebrates a wedding!
Michael and I are obviously Monarchists because we celebrate this marriage of Queen Victoria’s grandaughter, old whatshername, to Prince Louis of Battenburg, at any opportunity we can. When we find a good Battenburg cake, we purchase it with great delight, take it home, put the kettle on, and serve it up as a nice treat with our afternoon tea! Lovely!

8 thoughts on “Battenburg Cake

  1. Thanks for the photo and explanation of Battenburg Cake. I had just assumed the cake must be something gingerish with currents in it. I have no idea why, but that just struck me as Britishy.

  2. eeek!! When I was growing up my Mom use to bake me a cake similar to this (not as fancy though) We called it pink and white cake, so the cake part looked the same, but it was covered with standard icing. I will have to ask her how she made it. And yes, as Valerie asks – Where did you get it?

  3. Confession of a naughty Foodie: That is a stock image from Wikipedia. Battenburg is a rare treat. We have found it at the English Sweet shop in West Edmonton Mall… but at no small price… $12 or so for teensy cake! We had it far more regularly when Marks & Spencers still existed in Canada. I'll make it my weekend mission to find it. If that fails, I'll learn to make it, and redeem some Foodie points for stealing the picture! 🙂

  4. Hi, I run a UK shop in Cochrane, AB and get Mr Kipling Battenburg cake all the time, and doesn't cost anymore than $9.99 per cake. I get them every few weeks to make sure that they are fresh to the customer. I am on-line at and delivery anywhere (postage is very reasonable). If I don't have any in stock, you can call 403-851-5554 and I can put you on my wish list for when they arrive. Good luck on making it, would love to know how it turns out. Regards. Claire

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