Random Non-Food Thought – Rugby, Tom Jones, and Delilah

This random thought formulated like this: My iTunes starts to play automatically without any human intervention. Yes, this is true, and très annoying. This time however, the song that began to play was Tom Jones Delilah, a favourite of mine and the reason why it is found in my library. As it played, I recalled that this is sung at Welsh rugby matches, which you can witness for yourself in this You Tube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jlho6cy3ZdQ

The question is: Why? Why sing a song about deceit and murder at a rugby match? Why? Are the opposing team supposed to symbolize the cheating trollop Delilah? I don’t understand, and if you are from Wales, I would like you to explain this to me.

And to make sure Delilah is stuck in your head and you hum it all weekend long, here’s the wonderful and delicious Tom Jones belting out Delilah like no one else can: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sI5LWwC-cE8

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  1. That is a fascinating question. Apart from Tom Jones being from Wales, I have no idea why this would be an appropriate song for a rugby match. But then again, the English sing William Blake's "Jerusalem" at soccer matches and that makes about as much sense.

  2. Elena says:

    As a welsh person, and a massive rugby fan, I might have a partial answe 🙂 Though I can’t speak of pre-1998 as I was still a little kid, in 1999 Tom Jones sang it as pre match entertainment in one of the most memorable England v Wales matches of the six nations (back when it was still the five nations) where Wales win 32-31. It was a very close emotional game! Before that match I can’t comment but since the match, due to the fact that as he performed it and the English stadium was filled with welsh voices singing it, it has just become tradition.

    Apologies if you’re no longer interested but doing some research for a university module (pick a sport and analyse the music that is linked to it) and came across this blog post.

  3. Walsh Cooks says:

    Very much still interested, and THANK YOU for writing and leaving your comment. What an interesting university module you have – and very pleased your research led you here. A game like that would be very emotional, and nothing expresses emotion quite like singing. I cry during the national anthem at sporting events – something about everyone having a common voice, the unity, the passion. Does it every time. To hear Tom Jones, a stadium full of Welsh voices, AND at a six nations tournament, I’d be a mess. What an experience!

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