M&Ms Premium

Trust the American’s to have a “premium” M&M. We don’t get them here in Canada. But we do have the winter Olympixs right now. So we win. I digress. Khrys brought over a box of these from her recent trip to Chicago.

These are very delicious and look gorgeous. Decorative almost. If one was inclined, you could buy it to match your furniture in your living room. As a matter of fact, these match my La-Z-Boy quite nicely. I would take a picture, but I’ve nearly finished off the box. Hang on, let me see if there’s any left for salvage *drags body suffering from a post-sugar buzz into kitchen*:

 *munch* *munch* *mmmm* Well, that little photo shoot required me to sample about three more of those little pearls of deliciousness. People, these particular ones are a shell surrounding white, milk and dark chocolate! All in one! It’s a bronze, silver and gold medal all in a purple shell. Gaaaah. Too much sugar. I’m getting strange. “Getting?” asks my family collectively…

If you are heading off to the USA in the next few days, find a Wal-Mart and buy crates of these and bring them back. Not only will I buy these from the trunk of your car, but I know of others who will too.

(And before you jump all over me for spelling Olympixs with an x, forgive me. I don’t want my blog redacted or my family hassled by the IOC for copyright infringement).

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  1. Yeah, you don't want to cross the IOC. Not if you value your legs or teeth.

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