Welcome 2010!

My resolution to not swear like a sailor was done by 10:00 a.m. *&%#!!!

Today I had a very excited phone call from my Auntie Ann from Kelowna. I had made arrangements for her to have a special night out at the Grand Pacific Hotel in Kelowna on December 30th, to coincide with our anniversary. The Grand is a place she’s familiar with and they are familiar with her. Long story short, she was and continues to be excited about the bellhop picking her up, opening doors, taking her coat, seating her at her favourite table, providing her a glass of champagne, dinner, her favourite waiter called in to serve her, etc. etc. She is so excited. I’m just so pleased that she is happy, as that was my goal.


Michael was a brave soul this evening, and donned his skates. We went to the Legislative grounds, which are lit up beautifully with their Christmas lights. They even play an eclectic assortment of music at the rink and have heated ATCO shelter to warm up. I went along as support because as I’m sure you can understand, if I attempted to skate and then fell, I would have to slither (visualize a very large inch worm) along the ice to the piles of snow on the side, find a bench for support, and then slowly and carefully rise to a wobbly upright position. This process would take approximately 20 minutes, if not longer, for the doubling over from laughing so hard. Then I’d have to pee, and I don’t think I could manage a Port o’Potty in my winter wear, skates, and mug of hot toddy, and do a thorough Port o’Potty inspection before use. Things could get desperate, so it was best for mankind for me to be a benchwarmer.

Michael impressed me well enough. A few quick arm flaps like a chicken trying to take flight, and then he was the picture of grace and manliness on the ice.

Happy New Year friends of my blog!! I send each of you Happy New Year kisses. *mwah* *mwah* *mwah*

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