Spicy Almonds

Michael is off to Calgary for a few days…. which means I have the house to myself, the bed to myself, the kitchen to myself and the TV to myself. I will miss my hubby, but I’m looking forward to having some time on my own. I have visions of cooking, baking, reading, and falling asleep while watching chick flicks.

I’ve already made a batch of spicy almonds this morning. These are absolutely delicious, but I figure the person who created this recipe had an oven that ran cooler, because I made this recipe twice, by spec, and the almonds come out just a wee bit on this side of overdone.

Next… I have in mind to do some Christmas baking, make myself something comforting for supper, tidy my cookbook shelf, go for a walk, buy a bottle of wine, kick back and relax.

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