I am a Kitchen Godess

Business: We did our after dinner walk, in the drizzle. It’s a gorgeous evening out there. Daytime, did a lot of walking through downtown, and was agast at the number of street kids hanging out. Although they didn’t pay me any attention (except for one who noticed and commented on the flowers I was taking to my sister for her birthday), I found I was a bit intimidated! They run in packs of five or six, and look mean.

But on to the good stuff.

I am a goddess of the kitchen. This evening, a boring old Monday, I created a dinner of lovely fettuccine in lemon and Parmesan sauce, along with grilled chicken. My Michael Declan thinks I am amazing and his praise was worth the effort. (Don’t I sound like a 1960’s housewife? I don’t mean to, but there is something wonderful about catering to my man) (of course, I should make sure it’s known that he is responsible for cleaning the kitchen afterwards, which is ALMOST as good as…. can’t do it. My mom reads this. I’ll keep this in it’s 1960’s wholesome vein)…..as good as a foot rub. Yes, I mean a foot rub while watching Star Trek.

I blither. Time to get ready for a evening on the chesterfield to watch our usual Monday evening stuff.

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