U2, Beer, Musings and Walking

A co-worker and FB friend recently went to Vegas to see U2. Inspired by this, I have dug around my iTunes library and sorted out a play list of all things Bono and Co. Interesting fact, Michael’s cousin Wendy lives fairly close the Edge. Mind you, everyone in Ireland knows each other, and lives next door to so-and-so. A friendly place, I’m desperate to go and meet Michael’s family, and hopefully have tea with Maeve Binchy, who as you may or may not know, corresponds with me!! (Okay, only twice, but still, how many letters have YOU received from Maeve Binchy?).

Back to U2, favourite of all has got to be Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For, because the lyrics resonate with me. Second on my list is Zoo Station. I have no idea what the lyrics are about, but a few “Hey Babies It’s All Right” in my ear from Bono is going to make any of my days wonderful.

Walking. Oh yes, I’ve been walking. Yesterday had a pleasant walk in a bit of drizzle to the Sugar Bowl for brewkies after work. The place was packed and loud and by gum I find I’m cupping my hand to my ear a la Old Man to hear what my friend was saying over the din.

Today, of course, was a complete write off for doing anything constructive. Not that three beers knocked me out, at least I don’t want to think they did, but I’m still recovering from some illness and found I had to reserve my energy for this evening. Why? Lord have mercy on me, but we going to a second Oktoberfest this evening. So I end this post with a weak and feeble, zicky-zacky-oy-oy-fricken-oy.

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