Mill Creek Ravine and Bacon

Sunday was a busy day. Started with me doing a half-assed attempt at floor exercises, got tired, crawled back into bed. Got restless, and next thing I find myself at the Y doing a complete workout.

I’ve been frustrated with my shoulder pain and exercise has been recommended, and other than walking I’ve not seen the inside of the gym probably since June or July. The docs say I (including you) need cardiovascular for a strong heart, but weight resistance is needed to keep the joints moving. So back at the gym I was, and I enjoyed the workout. It wasn’t busy, I get to listen to my music (which is the best part) and the weights were okay. I knocked down the weight a few pounds than I normally do, but I still feel a little sore this morning, and REJOICE, the shoulder pain seems to be a bit less (but that could be just me trying to be optimistic), or it could be the beer therapy.

Beer therapy? I’ll get there.

What does a person need after a good workout? A smoothie? Tofu on spelt? No! Bacon and eggs and sausages with white toast and butter. But to get this? Michael and I walked 60 minutes through Millcreek ravine (including 139 steps one way, 54 plus a mean hill the other) to our favourite breakfast place…. Zellers! Where the lowest price is the law!

The valley is gorgeous by the way… the leaves are falling…. and the smell! I won’t describe the smell, you go out there and sniff it yourself. It’s good therapy for the soul.

The afternoon was spent downloading music and my newest favourites are Lemon Jelly’s Homage to Patagonia (my new dance through the house with wreckless abandon music), Sam Baker’s Juarez, and Mercy on Me by Romi Mayes.

If that wasn’t enough, we watched a Rockumentary on the Stones, and ended the day at Devaney’s for a dosing of excellent Celtic music and a few pints of Kilkenny and pub fare. Oh yes, it’s the Kilkenny that’s curing my shoulder. Those Irish are a clever bunch in their brewing.

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