Lawn Bowling Season Finale

Tonight was the Royal Lawn Bowling Club’s season ender social event. Unlike previous years, the club had it catered right at the clubhouse on the south lawn at the Legislative grounds. It was a beautiful end of summer evening. The was cool, but not cold. The clubhouse was decorated for the occasion and was quite the intimate venue for 50 people. We left the doors open to the lawn, and a nice cool breeze kept the crowded clubhouse at a nice temperature.

The wine selections were minimal, but at $3 a glass, one doesn’t complain. The food was delicious – roast beef, salmon, potatoes, corn, vegetables galore, a spinach salad with candied pecans and cranberries, and bread. The caterers said it was tricky to cater without a stove, but they managed with our clubhouses’ tiny kitchen (fridge, microwave, sink and counterspace) and the BBQ out back. Imagine barbecueing with a view of the High Level Bridge, river valley and university campus, while the sun is setting, with the leaves changing colour!? Imagine! Yes! It is that beautiful!

It was a merry evening, with trophies being awarded, jovial speeches made, and at the end a cut-throat history quiz, which our table won! We were able to select our prizes, and I selected a silver leaf brooch, and Michael took a silver tankard for his ale!

Asked several times if I was playing, I replied to the negative. I had a variety of reasons this year, but I’m letting by-gones be by-gones, and will return next year and play with a vengance. I made a solemn vow and will have to hold myself to it.

One sad moment was when we toasted the life of Ben Osterman. Ben passed away a few weeks ago, and he was a much loved and well admired member of our club.

The walk for the day was the usual 12 block spin through the neighbourhood. It was pitch black out, and we encountered one person who was shouting at no one in particular, a woman walking a dog that looked like it was on wheels, and a group of bikers laughing and having fun. Another great day.

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