35 minute walk through Britannia. Can’t get over the demolishing of stately older homes, and the influx of botox and implant type housing.  The house in the image below is next door to Michael’s mum’s place. That lovely stone work? Fake! Look at the box. Sad isn’t it?

Took a late night drive, which had us pass through our old neighbourhood. We spotted our Eddy hard at work at his restaurant, Eddy’s Nest Pizza, so stopped in to say hi. He was just as pleased as we were to be reunited. He made us at home by sitting us down in his little back room, gave us Pepsi and before we could say no, he popped in a large pizza in the oven for us, for old time’s sake. And god help us, it is as good as it was 10 years ago when we frequented the place.

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