Calgary, Continued

The walk started in Glenmore Park, my old haunting ground – that’s it in the picture above. It was blustery and windy. We completed our walk in Stanley Park, a nice stroll up hill, followed by a nice stroll down hill, avoiding some drunk revelers with a BBQ pit, lamented at the state of the wading pool (slime!), remembered the diving tank (which is now full of trees), and spent a good few minutes soaking in the sight of the Stanley Park lawn bowling club’s lawn. Immaculate, pretty, well taken care of and well loved.

We had a lovely dinner with our old neighbours, Willow and Nicco. The ambiance devine, food was delicious, the dogs fun, but mostly, the company our good friends was the best part of the evening. Thank you Willow and Nicco for making us feel so welcome (and not to mention for sharing that 1977 port with us! We are honoured!).

The growth in Calgary is hard to fathom. Regardless of the icky sprawl, it’s still a gorgeous city and I know one day we’ll call it home again.

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