Phenomenal Phringe!

Last night’s walk got Michael into a seat (I should say seats, lest you think I sat on his lap the entire time) at the lovely Varscona to see The Oculist’s Holiday by Stewart Lemoine. What a show!

Michael and I had no preconceived idea what the story was about, but both of us for were prepared for something light and fluffy and slightly odd being the Fringe and all…NOT!!

We both were gobsmacked at the wit, brilliance, depth and emotional toil this show took on us. We both left weepy and blown away by Jeff Haslam’s portrayal of Charlie Hastings. The entire cast were delightful and skilled, and we feel quite lucky to have had the opportunity to be witnesses to such a great performance, and to have such incredible talent in our neighbourhood!

The show had such an impact, I am now a devoted fan of Stewart Lemoine, and Teatro La Quindicina.

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