Fine Fringe!

Sunday’s walk was once again through the neighbourhood. It was a longish walk, with three distinct pit stops.

Pit stop 1: Holy Trinity Anglican Church to watch the Fringe show: John Denver: Rocky Mountain Memories. This is my third SWAK production, and the third time I’ve become a fan of a group I was indifferent about before. I am now a fan of the Mamas and the Papas, Simon and Garfunkel, and now John Denver thanks to this group!

Pit stop 2: Beer garden at the Fringe. It was a busy day at the Fringe. And rather awkward having a group of ladies walk into the beer tent and sing a song about their 8 foot wide vagina with my Mom and Ed sitting across the table from Michael and me (not even mentioning the show flyer titled Raunch my Mom was fanning herself with).

Pit stop 3: Green onion cakes and spring rolls all ’round!! And in typical Fringe fashion, these delicacies were consumed by watching a man in red and blue leotards on stilts… THAT WERE ON FIRE!

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