Huma Mexican Food


Found on the northeast corner of 99th Street and Argyle (63rd Avenue), Huma is located on the north end of this busy little strip mall, also home of Tienda Latina, Edmonton’s favourite Mexican grocery store.

The restaurant is spacious, colourful, and welcoming. Service was immediate (after a 30 minute wait to get a table), and the food took no time to reach us.


We started with ceviches for $9 – think salsa with a bit of white fish, along with tortillas. Fresh and delicious, it was a great start to our meal.


Next up came the chicken tacos dorados for $14. They were good, but needed some spicy oomph from the salsas provided at the table.


Last of the meal was pork quesadillas for $14. These were generous and porkie, but again, needed the assistance of the salsa to spice things up.

Dessert was a torte with caramel sauce for $4.50. I’m indifferent about desserts, but Michael seemed to like it enough.

Prices seemed reasonable at the beginning of the meal, but when we paid the bill, just shy of $100, we felt it a bit much for what we ordered. Mind you, with margaritas at $10 each, it adds up quickly.

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