Patricia Street Deli

Wherever you are right now, whatever you are doing, stop. Start planning your first/next trip to Jasper, Alberta.

Jasper has mountains:


Jasper has humour:


Jasper has trains:


Jasper has snow in May:


Jasper has tourists:


Jasper has trails to hike in those mountains:


Jasper has wild animals:


Jasper has rare orchids:


Jasper has more mountains:


But most important of all, Jasper has the Patricia Street Deli:


Undeniably the BEST sandwich we have ever eaten, we found here at the Patricia Street Deli. You will find it tucked in and behind a building at 610 Patricia Street. Blink and you will miss it.

The sandwiches are made to order, the ingredients fresh, the staff super friendly, and owner makes you feel like you’ve been friends forever and conversation just picks up from where you left off the last time (even if there wasn’t a last time).

We found this place via Trip Advisor and were not disappointed. I had the roast chicken (they pick the chicken breast off the roasted chicken right before your eyes) sandwich with cranberry mayo because it came highly recommended. Michael had roast beef. They were wrapped in paper, and put in a brown paper bag for our picnic lunch.


We found a nice picnic spot on the way home, pulled in, found a nice table and set out our lunch. The bread was fantastically fresh. The chicken fresh, the sweet of the cranberry and the tartness of the mayo came together beautifully. Michael didn’t really say much about his, but that’s because his mouth was full and kept grunting out mmmm mmmmm mmmm sounds. When I told him I was writing this blog this morning, he started drooling. We are planning our next trip to Jasper. For the mountains? Sure. But really to experience the Patricia Street Deli again.

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