Glow Juicery – Day 3


I apologise to the Glow Juicery people because being sick with a nasty cold is NOT the time to be doing a pre-cleanse or cleanse for that matter. But I am stubborn, and continue with it despite feeling sorry for myself (and at $8.00 a bottle of juice, I made a $48 dollar investment in my self created pre-cleanse, and the remaining three juices expire today. I am not letting that money go to waste).

So here I sit miserable, hoping this bottle of Vitamin G will have a miracle curative property.  Vitamin G is a lovely bottle of orange colour! Brightens even the most sulky of moods. It is made with orange, spinach, cucumber, carrot, lemon and ginger. I’m sure it tastes great, but because my senses are clogged, all I really get is a nice zing note from the ginger.

Here’s what Glow Juicery has to say about Vitamin G on their website (appropriate I thought):

Feeling a bit under the weather? This sunny glass of vitamin-rich juice will give your immune system the boost it needs to stay on top. Think of all those people depending on you, & give yourself a little Vitamin-GLC!

I’m crawling under the covers, turning on Netflix and waiting for the boost.

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