Churchill’s British Imports Ltd.

Old Strathcona has a little bit of Britain in its midst. And thank goodness. A person can only go so long without good thick cut bitter marmalade.

Churchill’s British Imports Ltd. has opened in the quaint little indoor mall found at 2-10015 82 Avenue NW Edmonton.

As with most British shops found in Canada, it offers us a free copy of the always interesting The British Canadian newspaper, as well as:

Sweets – here we are talking about the delightful boiled sweet, or a “hard candy” as you probably know it if born in Canada, as well as liquorice, mints, jellies, and chocolate. Boiled sweets are available in little tins that you can keep loose nails and screws in afterwards, or, you can opt to buy a few of each of the multiple flavours kept behind the counter in large jars, which will be scooped out onto a scale, and put in a little paper sack which is convenient to tuck in your pocket.

Crisps – or potato chips. If you watch Coronation Street, you will have seen boxes of crisps be delivered to the Rovers, which are kept behind the bar. Patrons of Coronation Street seem fond of the little package of cheese and onion flavour. You will find these same brand of crisps at Churchill’s, along with other unusual flavours such as Guinness, Marmite, ham and pickle (as in Branston pickle), and beef and onion, to name just a few. I love that the British kept with the smaller bag of chips to keep the portion manageable.

Biscuits – which means cookies, not something you eat with your stew. The British know biscuits best, but that is because they know tea best. And although there is nothing like a good cup of tea on its own, it’s always better with a biscuit. At Churchill’s you will find Mark and Spencer brand biscuits, which tugs on the heart-strings of this Canadian who fondly remembers the days when we had Mark and Spencer department stores here. They always seemed to carry pleasant, practical things, from handsome wool clothing to delicately scented soaps, to delicious frozen dinners to nice functional stationery.

But back to our local Churchill’s – here you will find rows upon rows of chocolate, soup, beans, oatmeal, soft drinks, tea, frozen locally grown pork products (Irvine’s farms), and a few shelves of marmalade! I am a huge fan of marmalade, and the older I am getting, the more bitter marmalade I want. Here at Churchill’s you will find a decent assortment of English and Scottish marmalade, thick or thin cut, bitter or sweet.

If you yourself are a British import craving a bit of home, or anybody who is tired of the same old on our regular grocery shelves and want to try something new, stop in at Churchill’s. You will feel welcome and will be thrilled by the variety of goodies available.

Churchill’s British Imports Ltd.
2-10015 82 Avenue NW Edmonton

Open Tuesday – Friday 10 – 5, Saturday 9 – 5. Parking available in front of the building on 82 Avenue at meters, and timed free street parking on 100th street and 81 Avenue.IMG_3149_2 IMG_3150_2 IMG_3151_2 IMG_3153_2 IMG_3154_2

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