Cottage Pie aka Shepard’s Pie aka Apartment Pie aka Busy Cubicle Dweller’s Pie

This is a re-post, only because a) I made Shepard’s Pie for supper tonight and b) I’m too lazy to write out a new post. This time however, I added extra fortification in the vegetable front – added extra carrots, celery and mushrooms. The potatoes, instead of russets, used Ninja Golds (that is not the name, but I forget … they start with N and do not appear on the Canadian Food Inspection list of Potato Varieties list. Perhaps I have some rare imported potatoes? Whatever they are, they are yellow fleshed and very substantial. I apologise to my potato supplier in case I’m giving up his gig.

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I was thinking about this. Cottage Pie has been around in name since 1791. Shepard’s Pie is the newest kid on the block, arriving on the scene in 1877.

I can imagine the scene it caused at the time. Daily Telegraph paperboys shouting at London street corners, “Shepard’s! Baked in pie! Shepard’s! Baked in pie!”. The terror it must have caused in the UK at the time.

Naturally, it didn’t help when the Daily Mail’s paperboy was shouting from across the street, “National Sheep Association Concerned about Henry Plumb! Henry Plumb not seen for Weeks!”.

My timeline might be a little skewed, but you get the idea.

Here we are in 2014, 137 years after ….  (I did the math. Look….)

IMG_1955… and we are still calling it Cottage Pie. Or Shepard’s Pie. In our fast-paced society, it is time to modernize the name of these simple, yet delicious…

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