Popcorn, Indiana

Popcorn, Indiana found a fan of their product. Back in late September, they sent me the sample of Chocolate Peanut Butter Kettlecorn.  More recently, they sent me two new samples to try out – Movie Theatre Popcorn that you warm up in the bag in the microwave, and Fit Popcorn, to have when you’ve eaten too much Movie Theatre and Chocolate Peanut Butter Kettlecorn and want to be healthy.

Let us review.

Movie Theatre Popcorn

bag_MT_wpopcornThe heat-in-the-bag idea is pretty neat, because the best few bites of any popcorn is when it is hot and fresh, crispy and salty. The Popcorn, Indiana people are clever to create this magical bag to do the job – instant fresh hot popcorn, without the lasting reek that microwave popcorn tends to leave behind.  This would be perfect for those stuck in hotel rooms or dormitories with only a microwave available. Although it was good enough, if I was going for the movie theatre popcorn experience, I would either a) go to a movie theatre and buy a bag and watch a movie, or b) pop it myself on the stove top, add butter, don jammies and switch on Netflix.

Fit Popcorn

FIT_Bag_wPopcorn_seasaltThis I liked. Although it does not warm up in the microwave, it is light, crisp, with enough salt to feel slightly naughty, and not so dry that you could use it for packing material. I was sent the sea salt variety to try, which was a great, instant snack. But… again, if I have the extra 5 minutes in my life, my preference is to pop the corn myself, stove top.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Drizzlecorn


Let me tell you about it. Ready?

It’s crunchy, salty popcorn with a velvety smooth peanut butter chocolate drizzle. The perfect snack when you want something salty, crunchy, sweet, rich and quite frankly, something that tastes absolutely sinful. Sinful, but not obscene like double deep fried Mars bars. Oh no, this treat is, without a doubt, my new Go To snack food when I need to console myself with food. Yes, yes, yes, I should put on my sneakers and go for a long walk in the fresh air to console my aching psyche.  But sometimes (although with me it happens more often than not), nothing says, “there there” like a delicious snack.

P1020950My sample arrived in a 156 g bag, and is available in major grocery stores. It advertises on its front, ZERO trans fat, Gluten Free, and 100% natural. It did not taste fake. It tasted delicious. On the back of the bag their story starts with “We Get It” and tell us they know “we crave a snack that’s completely decadent, completely over-the-top, completely life-altering.

It definitely achieves over-the-top, but life-altering? Perhaps, but only because it was so rich and sinful I am sitting here pledging to the diet gods that, “I will never eat like this again”.

It’s 140 calories per 1.5 cup (cups of popcorn are dismally small). It has 7 g of fat, 90 mg of sodium, 19 g of carbs, and 2 g of protein. It does contain peanuts, milk and soy.

If you are looking for something new, different and decadent, this is the stuff to try. Just don’t forget to get outdoors and have a walk afterwards.


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  1. Hey, I like your blog makeover!

  2. Walsh Cooks says:

    I think you are the first to notice! Thank you for stopping by!

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