Almond Chai Latte

P1020426My newest passion.

An almond chai latte from Remedy Cafe. Spicy. Sweet. Warming. Relaxing. I have these when things get a little harried and I want to relax. I have these when it is inappropriate to turn to a bottle of wine… for instance, while at work or driving. It is, seriously, the next best thing. So much so, I wonder if the people at Remedy Cafe shouldn’t put a warning on the sleeve, “Drive with caution when consuming the drink you are about to enjoy”.

Yesterday I spent an hour sitting in traffic. I had one of these, my chill mix on the stereo, and I was in another world. Still alert enough, mind you, to flip the bird to the guy that cut me off, but I quickly slipped back into my mellow mood and the hour drive was a pleasant experience. Blocked turn lanes? Meh. Buses that ooze in my lane? Whatever. I was in my spicy almond chai latte space with Marshmello playing Sounds from the Ground.

This delicious cup of spicy relaxation is also available with regular cows milk (1% or 3%) and soy milk. I enjoy the almond milk version primarily because of my intolerance to lactose found in cows milk, and have an aversion to how soy might be messing with my hormones. The drink is pre-sweetened so give it a taste before you think about topping it up with a few more spoonfuls of sugar.

Now, the first time I tried one of these, I was a bit indifferent. But a day or two later, it started to haunt me. So I had another. Now I am an addict and carry around a punch card to get a “free” chai latte after every six.

One of the most delightful things is sometimes, if you are lucky, you will get a drawing or sticker on the lid, depending on the barista’s whimsy. It adds a bit of fun to the whole experience. And an experience it will be.

Remedy Cafe is found in two locations. Downtown on the southeast corner of Jasper Avenue and 103rd Street, or on the southside, on 109th Street and 86 Avenue.

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  1. Glad to hear your bird-flippin’ finger was unaffected. Can’t drive in Edmonton without one of those!

  2. Michelle says:

    Love that you were alert enough for the bird 🙂

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