Beans on Toast

And you wonder, “She’s going to write about beans on toast?”.

“You betcha!”, says I.

After a Thanksgiving without turkey, I am feeling a wee bit glum. The grey skies and promise of rain and maybe snow doesn’t help much. I call it Transitional Weather and No Turkey Left-overs Melancholy (psych student? you are welcome to use my idea for your thesis), and it will last a day, maybe two, tops.

Whilst I feel sorry for myself, my will to cook has left me, I feel I can gather at least enough muster to open a tin of beans, heat them up, and spoon over hot buttered toast.

It is that easy.

Or is it?

Oh no. Not in this house. I have to choose.  Do I pick:

  • Deep-browned beans with pork and molasses
  • Deep-browned beans with pork and tomato sauce
  • Deep-browned beans with tomato sauce, or
  • Original beans in tomato sauce.

Then, to add to the mix, do I serve it on:

  • Toasted Safeway white sandwich bread
  • Toasted Prairie Mills Bread Co Whole Wheat and Honey

And, will a can of pork and molasses go better with whole wheat and honey, and original beans in tomato sauce on white?


I toss up my hands in despair. I think a glass of wine, donning my ugliest but most comfortable pajamas, a hug, and a few squares of chocolate is what I really need.





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  1. I’m disappointed that you don’t have a “beans on toast” interpretative dance. I enjoyed your previous autumnal one so much!

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