City Market

This morning I was in the mood to go shopping at the City Market downtown. Mood, in my case, means I have a wallet with cash on the ready, because as we know, the City Market is not into debit machines or credit.  This is a good thing because, then, instead of buying practical food items, I would buy things like wooden chess boards and pretty earrings and honey from all types of flowers, a bag of salty peanuts, a flat of blueberries because I’ll think I’ll make a dozen pies and freeze them.

First stop was the Prairie Mill Bread Co. I actually passed by, then I could hear someone, *cough, Donna* scolding me for using white bread in my grilled cheese sandwich and thought I should get some 5 million grain bread back into my diet. I did a u-turn and spent some minutes discussing the bread with Owen, and decided on a modest 9-grain bread, which he promises is a favourite. (And it is… I had some already.)

Second stop was the Jam Lady to buy a jar of Blazing Carrot and Garlic Zinfandel jellies to eat along side some assorted cheeses and a glass of wine at home on the patio. I was easily talked into a third jar by the Jam Man (to get the $6.50 price) of Muscato Thyme jelly, which I was told would be nice served with a provolone, or served with pork. Sounds multi-purpose and practical! So I bought it. (And it is…. I had some already – served along side a pork breakfast sausage I bought later at Acme Meat Market).

Now, you can’t go to a farmer’s market and not buy fresh vegetables. I found myself inside Kuhlmann’s tent, and started with a sample of some fresh peas… right out of the pod! Oh how I ached for my Baba’s farm at that moment. But I shook of the sudden pang of melancholy, remembered all the hard work involved with a garden, and happily started to select my veggies – first a bag full of peas, then carrots… and what have we here? Beets! The incandescent light bulb in my brain goes off, and I decide I also need potatoes and dill. Kuhlmann’s had it all… ingredients for borscht! But now I need bacon…

Feeling a bit anti-establishment decide to shun Safeway, Save-on and Sobey’s (what’s with the S’s anyway?) and decide to check out Acme Meat Market. Located on the corner of 76 Avenue and 96 Street, it has been around since forever, and is an honest to goodness butcher’s. Remember the days when you could see in behind the meat counter at Safeway? You would be able to see sides of beef hanging and men in white chopping and sawing meat? Well, Safeway has things to hide apparently, but Acme Meat Market has it all out in the open. I ordered thick cut bacon, pork chops and breakfast sausages. All looked so delicious I had to restrain myself from buying standing rib roasts, steaks, lamb chops, hamburger and whole chickens.

With heavy bags and aching arms, I managed to get all the goods home. Now with two large iced coffees working magic on my blood stream, I have the energy and gumption to start on the borscht for tonight’s supper.

Wishing you and yours a lovely summer’s day!


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  1. Thanks for reminding me that peas in the pod are now available from market gardeners! I love shelling and eating raw peas. Funny, because I despise them cooked.

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