Thursday Afternoon

What a riot. I could watch that .gif all afternoon.

Today was an interesting day. On the trek into work today, I came across these blocks of wood on the sidewalk:

Says, “Kiss the person on the left of you on the cheek”. Had no one on the left of me, so no puckering up this early morning.
“Keep in touch (for 2 mins)”. That’s about how long I stood there taking pictures of these things.
“I dare you to do a cartwheel”. If I dared, Twitter would be a-chirping @YEGTraffic about some “idiot woman along Scona Rd with arms in air and kicking one leg out – apparently trying to remove shoe / dance / flee dark forces” as I would try to muster the guts to do one.

I could easily write a blog dedicated to the stuff I find along Scona Road. It’s been interesting.

I had one of those days today. Work was work. I wanted to come home. Then when I got home, and I remembered I had one of these:

Frick 😦

And in the mail I had my subscription renewal to invest a silly amount of money in this:

Subscription play to the Western Lottery Corporation.

…so I can win $50 million buckeroos on the Lotto Max, so I can spend 7.5 hours a day watching cat gifs on the computer, an hour driving around town dodging pot holes and “steel plate on roadway” with my new Ferrari, and buying stuff off the Shopping Channel that’s NOT the Show Stopper, because it no longer matters to me if the item is the best value of the day. If I want to spend full price on a Wolfgang Puck 5 piece bamboo cheeseboard, I will spend full price on a Wolfgang Puck 5 piece bamboo cheeseboard.

Of course, that’s nuts. Michael and I are so frugal with our money, we’d probably shell out a few bucks for a professional photographer to take my food photos (thanks for the suggestion Debra She Who Seeks), and  have the winter tires replaced with summer ones on the Corolla (while it’s still summer).

Food blog. Right.

Okay, for supper tonight, I did a bit of kitchen inventory, and found the following:

Beer. Dig deeper in the fridge Catherine.
Better: Chicken, cherry tomatoes that are still good, but wouldn’t put on a plate of crudites for company because a little wrinkly, pasta, garlic, basil, Parmesan cheese.

Cook chicken in olive oil along with oregano, basil, garlic, chili peppers, little bit of mint, marjoram, rosemary, salt and pepper. Add sliced or halved cherry or grape tomatoes. Sim sim simmer until done. Add fresh basil. Serve over pasta.

“Sauce” should look something like this. Imagine the pasta mixed in.

Finished product should look like this:

Ta dah!


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  1. The thing that makes that cat .gif so great is the way he splays his legs and hovers in mid-air for a few seconds before plummeting to earth. Just like Wile E. Coyote in one of his many misadventures!

  2. acanadianfoodie says:

    A great meal at the end of a day like this is the only way to end it without following the cat! The little sidewalk messages are lovely!

  3. Dr. CaSo says:

    Yum!!!!! Want some want some want some (I feel that I always end up saying that when I visit your blog…)

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