Some sad news in the snack food world. Twitter led me to Brent Butt’s post about Canada’s loss of James E Marker, the man who invented Hawkins Cheezies.

Like many Canadians, I grew up with Cheezies. A bag tossed in the back of the station wagon to shut me and my sister up from bickering while driving with the parents between Calgary and Edmonton to visit grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. Bags of Cheezies being passed around the fire pit while camping in Radium Hot Springs. Finding Mom’s secret stash of Cheezies in the back of the cupboard when looking for an after school snack that wasn’t in the shape of fresh vegetables.

I have always loved Cheezies. They taste like cheese! They crunch! And you leave little bits of orange on things like remote controls and keyboards should you multitask while eating your bag of Cheezies.

Today I will celebrate James E Marker’s 90 years of life by getting myself a bag of Cheezies and snack with reverence.

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  1. My favourite treat as a kid too! Still is! RIP Mr. Marker.

  2. Maki says:

    I have a DEEP love for cheezies myself. He lived 90 years! Wonder if he ate a ton of cheezies himself or never ate any because he was around them all the time?

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