Iced Coffee

There is my life before iced coffee (BIC) and after iced coffee (AIC). And I will tell you all this: My life AIC is a very happy, wide awake, and possibly full of future heart palpitations and the jitters, because I have become OBSESSED with the stuff.

There are two iced coffee camps. Cold brewed. Hot brewed. To me, it doesn’t matter. I’ve tried both, and love both. The problem is, until recently, I have only brewed one cup of (hot) coffee at a time using a Melitta-type cone filter over my breakfast coffee mug, and this does not leave any left overs to make iced coffee.  This will have to change. And very soon. I feel a trip to Ikea coming up very soon to invest in an inexpensive French press type of deal so I have iced coffee available on tap, all day, every day.

The hot brewed method is very easy. Brew your coffee. Chill it. Pour it over ice. Add milk (or cream if you dare). Sweeten to taste. Stir. Drink. Repeat. And repeat again.

Cold brewed is also easy, but takes time. The Pioneer Woman explains the steps very well, and shares an equally if not surpassed love of iced coffee. I encourage you to check out her blog here: Perfect Iced Coffee.


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