Cask and Barrel Now Open

Oh dear lord, and it’s located directly between my office and my car (or the bus stop, depending on how things go).

I have watched the Cask and Barrel being built, discounting in my mind that it would take months and months so wasn’t paying THAT close attention. However, as I left the office on this sunny afternoon, which also happens to be my last day of work before vacation,  I noticed this welcoming and colourful sandwich board sign, and said to myself…. “hellooooooo” what have me here?

I did a quick re-direction and was immediately welcomed by staff and patrons alike. How can one resist? I was given a quick tour by Susan (memories of Stella from Coronation Street – that’s a compliment for those not familiar with the show), given a seat at the bar, placed my order for a draught and settled in like I have been going to this place for decades.

I thought the place was to open as a whisky bar, being competition for my beloved Bothy, but turns out this place is not restricting themselves and are offering a nice selection of everything. They have a great looking, straightforward menu that will serve both the lunch and after work crowd quite nicely.

Their prices. Well let me tell you about their prices. You might think, being located in a now trendy corner of Edmonton that they will charge huge sums for a glass of wine, but let me tell you this. They sell wine by the 6 oz or 10 oz glass. The 10 oz glass can go as low as $10! $10!!! Susan also said, she will sell you a bottle, and if you can’t finish it, she will cork it and save it for your next visit. Of course, I didn’t believe her at first because I cannot understand who the hell wouldn’t finish a bottle of wine!  🙂

The furnishings are all unique in that some of the light fixtures are recycled salad bowls. Sofas are refreshed from Sutton Place hotel. Bar stools were former wine barrels, and have been recycled into these gorgeous, comfortable seats by Vinoture, based out of Walla Walla, Washington. It’s a small space, but the layout is welcoming, cozy, but not crowded.

Today was a soft opening, tomorrow and Saturday being the official Grand Opening. This space is attracting a lot of attention, and already has forged a loyal following.

I made new friends in my short introduction, and look forward to my next visit.

Cask & Barrel
10041 104 St
Edmonton, AB
(780) 239-7899

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  1. Hamilton Lake says:

    I watch Coronation Street. It’s true. She’s Stella. And that is a complement.

  2. FoodieMcPoon says:

    Cool. I just walked by this on my way home from Lit. It looks awesome inside!

  3. OK, I really really didn’t need to hear about another wine bar… heads out of the door 🙂

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