Walsh Cooks Stats

WordPress has been continually improving user stats. I look at them time-to-time to see if people are still reading my blog. I would still write even if you weren’t out there, because I enjoy doing it. In fact, my writing would probably get a bit weird(er) because once I found out real people (meaning people who weren’t my husband and forced to read an entry when he arrived home after a day at work) were really reading my blog, I became a bit nervous and started writing with a bit more reserve. Now that I know YOU and YOU, yes you, lurking in the corner hiding behind that newspaper, are reading this blog, I make sure I don’t talk too much about the sounds of digestion, Star Trek, girl problems, how to handle situations when you don’t have Kleenex handy, and what I truly think of drivers of trucks with fake bull testicles hanging off the rear. I would probably write poetry about my love of the perogy.

Pinched dough
Surrounding potato and cottage cheese
Swim in butter

You see how things would be?

And I would digress far more often that I already do. Case and point. Today, my mission was to discuss my statistics, and shout out to my one solitary reader in Latvia. Heeelloooooooooo Latvia!!!! Just hope you are also not one of the comment contributors to my Spam folder with a comment that reads like:

“I cant believe youre not more popular as you definitely possess the gift.”

Why thank you spam person.  I’ll take that poorly written compliment over a sales pitch for Ugg boots any day.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Jenny says:

    Good one 🙂

  2. I write poetry to perogies all the time. I don’t judge you.

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