A Canadian Foodie – Food Trends 2012

My pal Valerie of A Canadian Foodie, stitched together a series of posts titled Food Trends 2012. She offers her own insight, as well as those from food bloggers, writers, and people in the food biz.

It is a mighty interesting tome for 2012, so put on your coziest cardigan, brew a pot of tea, wiggle in your chair until you are comfy, and enjoy some insight from our foodie world. As Valerie says, “Our Edmonton food scene is vibrant and alive!“.

This list is link intensive, but I promise if you click and read these sites, you will be inspired, get hungry, and wish you took more photography lessons (that last comment is for me – I’m always blown away by the photos others take. Mine are always marked “needs improvement” in my books.

You will find my own contribution in part 4: http://www.acanadianfoodie.com/2011/12/29/food-trends-2012-part-four-local-food/

Or, you could start from the beginning:

Food Trends 2012 Part 1: Personal Reflection of A Canadian Foodie

Food Trends 2012 Part 2: Food Bloggers: Julie, HPeter, Heavenly Housewife, Barbara and Nisrine

Food Trends 2012 Part 3: Food Bloggers: El, Jamie, Faith, Simone and Vianney

Food Trends 2012 Part 4: Local (Edmonton) Food Bloggers and Writers: Jessie Radies, Jennifer Cockrall-King, Kevin Kossowan, Twyla Campbell, Liane Faulder, Sharon Yeo, Teresa Spinelli, Slav Heller, and Tara Zieminek

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  1. Thank you, Cathy!
    Much appreciated. Some heavy reading – but I have really enjoyed the insights… next year I will probably write an article for each section summarizing what mort people are saying and highlighting some of the specific differences and the special explanations that some people offer to save the epicness… ie: Slav Heller’s thoughts are really too heavy for this format – but boy are they interesting, eh?
    Thank you so much for participating, too!

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