Egg Salad Take 2

Whomever Googled 에그샌드위치 (in case you can’t see it, it looks like Korean writing), and got to my blog….

I did kind of leave you all hanging about Michael’s egg salad sandwiches. They really are delicious. Here’s what he does:

Put eggs in bottom of pot
Pour in cold water, enough to cover the eggs (2 eggs will give you a sandwich and a half)
Put on stove, set the burner to high (I don’t mean to be painful, but listen to me. If you don’t know that you need to put the pot on the very burner you just set to high, you need to take a cooking class before you can graduate to my blog. I say this in the kindest, and most supportive of tones).
When the water comes to a boil, take the pot off the burner
Turn off the burner
Put the lid on the pot
Set the timer for precisely 17 minutes
Do something for 17 minutes that will not, under any circumstances, involve lifting the lid of the pot.


Drain the water from the pot into the sink
Pour cold water in the pot to cover the eggs
Let it sit for a minute or two to bring down the temperature of the eggs
Repeat until the eggs are cooled
Peel the eggs
Slice an egg in half and admire the snow white whites and the happy yellow yolk
Chop the eggs to desired choppedness
Add some mayonnaise (or salad cream if you are English or like weird things). If you don’t know how much mayonnaise to add, start with a little bit. Like a teaspoon. Then go from there. Keep adding until you taste it and go “Mmm. MMMM! YES!!!”.

Add salt and pepper
Smoosh around until well mixed and the consistency you like

A moment for parental influence: Michael’s Dad would just chop the egg and put it between buttered bread. No mayo, no salad cream. Maybe a bit of salt and pepper.  Chopped green onion is a nice addition too, if you want to “spruce it up” says my Mom.

Put egg mixture on desired bread. In our house, it’s fresh lily white bread, or on a Ritz or Club cracker. Nothing else. It’s a rule. If you are inviting the Queen to tea, you might want to trim the crusts off the bread for  presentation purposes.

If you are taking your sandwich to work, wrap in waxed paper. Crease folds carefully so you have a little egg salad present. Act surprised when you take it out of your paper sack at lunchtime. Open. Enjoy. Listen to your coworkers as they pass by your cube and mutter “Ewww egg”.

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  1. Michelle says:

    Oi, I beggeth your pardon. I happen to like salad cream 🙂

  2. Khrys (Chris) says:

    In case you were curious, the six syllables in Hangul read (phonetically):
    Eh-guh shan-duh hwee-chee

    …man, I think that’s the first time in 2011 that I’ve done that and it’s not been for a birth, death or marriage certificate. O.o

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