Italian Rice with Chicken

I eff’d up the carrots. I eff’d up a colour matching test on my friend’s website, I will not eff up dinner tonight.

Tonight it’s Italian Rice with Chicken as provided by the BBC.

long, long pause

Oh crap. The Brits do Italian. I’m doomed. Again. I should have clued in when they ask for one measly clove of garlic.

I put in the entire head of garlic.

Find me one single Italian or Ukrainian who would put in one single clove of garlic, and I’ll… I’ll slap them silly and send them to therapy. Seriously. Who was your mother?

Anyway, if you will kindly notice (but not comment), there’s a picture of my glass of wine in virtually every picture you are about to see.

I’m taking a break from writing, and this will be a photographic journey through the creation of Italian Rice with Chicken as provided by the BBC.

You will have to wait for the results, because, hm, it seems the bottle of wine is almost gone. Oops.

PS: Supper was successful. The addition of pesto will forgive any culinary mistake.  Michael is dishing up dessert as I type. We’ve finished a second bottle of wine, I see I have duplicate pictures (and I don’t care at this point). Michael sounds like Big Tree Bear from the Sioux tribe the way he is carrying on about dessert. I hear, “mmmm, cherry” in deep guttural tones. I wish you all a spectacular weekend. xoxoxox

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  1. Lael says:

    Woohoo! An entire head of garlic. You are my hero.
    One clove, who uses one cloves? Geesh!
    Happy Weekending!

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