Does Chef Boyardee Get You Fat

Dear Person who did a Google Search “Does Chef Boyardee Get You Fat” and ended up at my blog:

No, a can of Chef Boyardee will not make you fat. Eat it with a side salad full of dark leafy greens, sliced peppers, and other assorted vegetables, and you will have a fairly healthy lunch as a matter of fact.

Let’s look at the Nutrition Facts of my favourite, Beef Ravioli. You might need to squint or eat more Vitamin K (or click the pic and it will get big):

Now, make sure you double those “facts” because they claim one can feeds two people. HA HA Chef Boyardee. You are hilarious.

Check it out. It has minerals. And vitamins. And its a good source of protein. You could do far worse.

But like anything, if you eat it regularly, and supplement it with things like cookies, ice cream, Pop Tarts, roast beef and gravy, potatoes with sour cream, Bridge Mixture, bacon, and toast with butter, yes, yes, it will make you fat. Very fat indeed.


Cathy Walsh

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  1. Michelle says:

    Ha ha ha ha!! That’s got the be the funniest post I’ve read for weeks 🙂

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