Potato Pancakes!

Supper’s ready, and where’s my husband? He’s with our rental car, a running rental car, with the keys sitting smug in the ignition in the locked car. Michael is not inside the car where he should be. Thankfully, he’s at work so he has a safe, warm place to wait, until rescued.

So what does a girl do while waiting for the arrival of her beloved? Two things: 1) Surf the internet for ways to bust into locked cars, and 2) make potato pancakes!

As my Mom recently said to me, “Dear, you don’t aways write about food now, do you?”. So I will try to keep with the theme and discuss potato pancakes for the duration of this post.

I’ve known potato pancakes my entire life, and I know some of the extra poundage on my body can be contributed to these. Not that I make them often, but when I do… STAND BACK! Mmmm nom nom nom.

I cannot share a recipe with you as I’ve never used one. But I can tell you what I put in it:

Potato Pancakes, My Way:

(Put a gun to my head and force me into a ratio, I’d guess 4 large potatoes, and one small yellow onion).

Whir these up in a food processor. Put in bowl. Mix in:

A bit of flour
Beaten egg
Salt and Pepper
Baking power, if you remember (I rarely remember)
(With the above potato/onion ratio, I’d say 2 heaped tablespoons flour, one egg, salt and pepper to taste, and just forget about the baking powder to keep it simple).

Get  your non-stick pan pre-heated, lightly oiled. Add spoonfuls of potato pancake stuff until you have things on the pan that look like pancakes, potatoey ones. Cook. Peek underneath a pancake after a minute or two. When it’s golden brown. Flip. Cook some more. Remove from pan. Eat with:

Sour cream
Cottage cheese

Repeat from “Add spoonfuls of….” until it’s all gone.

I have only ever eaten these fresh from the pan, but tonight, and probably the only night ever in my life, will see what they are like after sitting in the oven for 2.5 hours to keep warm.

Okay, okay, okay, I confess I just lied to you. I’m not that kind a person. Let me re-write that last paragraph:

I have only ever eaten these fresh from the pan. And continued that tradition tonight. Michael will see what they are like after they have been sitting in the oven for 2.5 hours to keep warm.

Variations: Mom has been to known to stick in grated zucchini when in season. My sister uses green onions instead of yellow.

Our tradition, with potato pancakes and regular old pancakes for that matter, is when we are down to the last bit of batter, is to make one large pancake that consumes the entire fry pan. A grande finale pancake! *shrugs* Dunno why. It’s just something we do.

8 Comments Add yours

  1. They’re good with applesauce too.

  2. Crimson Rambler says:

    wiping drool off keyboard…

  3. Jenny says:

    I’d like to request these for my next visit at chez walshie, I’ll let you choose the wine 🙂

  4. Walsh Cooks says:

    Oh yes, indeed they are! I tried them that way when I went through a period of intolerance to all dairy foods. Of course, this was a dark period in my life because of the no dairy restriction, but I was thin then too. Go figure.

  5. Walsh Cooks says:

    We’ll have you over next time I make them!

  6. Walsh Cooks says:

    But of course! As for the wine. Hm. I think with potato pancakes we should have a few shots of ice cold vodka beforehand, shout “Budmo!”, laugh from the belly, and hire a Ukrainian polka band.

  7. Like latke! I’ll do something like this, but with turnip or sweet-potato to mix it up… You can never go wrong with fried food!

  8. Bonnie says:

    Cathy…for you foodie types found another blog you would like with a neat video on how to test that a pan is ready for the oil…i.e. right temp…http://scourmanop.wordpress.com

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