What’s for Supper?

I was challenged today. A friend commented that I haven’t posted “in a while”. I haven’t been cooking all that much lately, and have been a busy Castor canadensis (beaver, busy beaver) doing a bit of this and that, here and there.

But I can rise to the challenge. I flew home on the bus, and have exactly 27 minutes to provide you all with a blog post before Coronation Street airs.

The question tonight is, “What is for supper?”. I suppose most of you would say, “What’s for supper”, but I feel like being prim. It also gives me another sentence to fill!!

Okay, supper. The Walsh cupboards are a bit destitute these days. Again, on account of being busy, neither of us have had a chance to plan meals for the week ahead.

(I stop and have a good belly laugh).

It makes it sound like we actually plan! HA HA HA HA. Oh, my stomach muscles hurt for the pain of laughing so hard.

Here, take a look at what we have in the larder:

If you are a Dietitian, you may use us an example of What Not To Eat, excepting the pictures of the eggs, fruit and high fibre cereal. If you are a teenager, or haven’t quite grown up like Michael and I have, please note, the industrial size bag of Wine Gums. That’s one of the necessary cupboard staples being married to an Englishman. There must always be a supply of wine gums in the house. That and Marmite, but Marmite is so disgusting I refuse to give it a another spot in my blog.

The dinner decision? Scrambled eggs and toast tonight. Simple fare. But delicious. Yay for eggs. They have saved more than one supper in this house.

And on a completely different subject, my dear husband, in the spirit of Movember, is growing a moustache!!!  He thinks I haven’t noticed yet, but I most certainly have. I’m so excited. The idea of being married to a 1970’s porn star has its secret thrill to tell you the truth. Woot!

…and there goes the opening music of Corrie. Just in time.


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  1. Bonnie says:

    Cathy, between here and facebook your postings are a riot! I actually posted a foodie one on my own blog recently and thought of yours. Btw last time I did something similar to your no need bread it was in Nunavut and was using sour dough starter…worked great but on that particular morning in April decided to go skingand you know the rest of the story!

  2. Walsh Cooks says:

    Thank you Bonnie, it’s always nice to get feedback. I read your post about the squash casserole. I am always so impressed how the colour of squash becomes so beautiful after roasting.

    I’m madly in love with your two dogs, and am always looking for pictures of them on your site. I also followed you (electronically) while you were on your trip to the West Coast. That’s our second home, and the pictures you posted were beautiful, and captured the sights and sounds perfectly.

  3. I’m a fan of Maynards Wine Gums too. I was absolutely amazed when I bought some in England at how fresh and soft they are there, compared to the rubbery old things we get here in Canada.

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