It has been day trying to amp up the girlie factor because tomorrow Michael and I are attending an uber foodie evening.  We are invited guests to this event, and are certain there will be hoods, fire, horses and chanting at some point in the evening. How can it not be? This group of culinary aficionados have been meeting, more or less, since 1248 AD if you can possibly imagine.

The event is black tie, and we are scrubbing up for the event. We’re putting out more than we did for our own wedding. It’s been ages since either of us dressed up for anything, and today I had to go through a dry run with the dress, shoes and makeup. Lord, I looked freakishly colourful by the end of my experiment, and my eyelashes felt like they had bricks attached to the end of them after brushing on a few layers of mascara. I couldn’t wait to get the stuff off my face. Our apartment is positively shimmering with all the silver stuff my dress shed as I tried to hobble around the place in my new shoes. I send apologies to neighbour below us, as I’m sure he’s been wondering if we had a goat move into our place click-clacking all over the floor.

Needing to calm things down from the high anxiety of my own personal beauty school slash science experiment, decided to have a beer. Correction. Two beers.

A moment please, to relish the divine magic of beer…..

… a bit more…

And we’re back. Today’s beer is a real treat. A friend of mine went to Burning Man this past summer, and somewhere along this trip came across this cleverly named beer. I was the lucky recipient of Wasatch Breweries Polygamy Porter.

Notice if you can, their tag line… “why have just one!”.

The beer is a perfect for an afternoon calm-down-after-a-crazy-sort-of-day beer. The Wasatch Brewery describes this beer like this:

“This dark, medium bodied ale offers the drink-ability of a much lighter beer. The inviting chocolate and malty flavors fade into a slightly dry, silky smooth finish.”

If I concentrate, I get chocolate, but mostly I find it malty and smooth. I also agree that it’s highly drinkable, as I’ve just concluded my second bottle. At 4% alcohol, it still packs a punch and I can feel my cheeks are turning a little warm. I’m properly fortified and now ready to create something delicious for our supper tonight out of two chicken breasts, rice, and whatever else I can find.

We’ll see how tomorrow goes. I’m a bit nervous about taking pictures, but I’ll test the waters, and if there is no threat of being hung or burned at the stake, I’ll see if I can sneak in a few photos and post here.

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  1. Walsh Cooks says:

    Happiness! Picking up the bottles to recycle and realizing I still had half a bottle left!!! Dancing little beer jig of joy.

  2. Wow! I’m all agog to know what group of people you’ll be mingling with tomorrow night — sounds intriguing!

  3. Looking forward to hearing about the event! And I understand the practice run… I often have to do those also. It’s so strange to look at the colourful version of yourself with make up on when you never wear much/any.

    That beer sounds lovely, and certainly deserving of a moment to relish in its divine magic (lol). Those beer moments are the best. Cheers, have fun, and good luck with the shoes and make up!

  4. habanerogal says:

    LOVE that beer what a great label Hope the night out on the town was magical

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