You Found Me!

I liked Blogger. It got me started and established in the blogosphere, but the time has come to move on to Word Press, which seems to me, a very popular tool to blog with. So here I am. You found me. I’m so happy you did. I had this fear I would leave behind all my readership.

The old stuff is still available at:

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  1. Hey, Cathy!
    It’s about time… I was just going to comment about your new red look – when I got to the last post as I was working my way up from all I had missed – and you have moved! YEAH! And you now have a subscribe by e-mail (I have one, too) and love it as I no longer have to miss any of your posts!

  2. Cathy Walsh says:

    Valerie! You were my primary instigator to move to word press…. you made that one simple comment about an e-mail subscription, and I was determined to oblige.

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