Happier Day

Dear Habanerogal: We’ll do beers! Yes! Cheers!

Things in the Walsh-World are a bit off kilter at the moment. But how we do Walsh’s face the challenges in life? Well, with a mug of tea and a nap of course! Observe:

Unfortunately with recent events, I’ve been in no mood to cook. Hasn’t stopped me from eating. Interestingly, I’m one of those people that just doesn’t lose my appetite. Stomach flu? Pizza. Hangover? Bacon. Happy? Steak. Sad? Pancakes. Slightly disappointed? Pie! Angry? Gnocci. Fed up? Perogies. You get the idea.

Much to the delight of the makers of Crestor, no mood makes me want to eat things green and leafy and fat free. Lord knows I will keep trying until one day it becomes this: Stomach flu? A soda cracker. Hangover? A soft boiled egg on dry toast. Happy? Spinach salad. Sad? Tofu frozen treat. Slightly disappointed? Oatmeal. Angry? Herring. Fed up? Cottage cheese. Don’t laugh. It can happen.

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  1. Perogies cure everything, dear malenky saboulia.

  2. Jared says:

    Agreed…. but let's just say that if Herring is my option for Angry, then I would probably never be angry again. 😉

  3. Hmmm. I like tofu, but I imagine that a tofu frozen "treat" would make you even sadder!!

  4. habanerogal says:

    Aww thanks CW that is the first time I have been the inspiration for a blog post. At least you haven't lost your sense of adventure. Scream at me on twitter or send an email when the mood strikes. Plus I know a really good recipe for tofu cheesecake pffft but why would we go there !!!

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